Gimmick doesn’t work in real life.

Gimmick doesn’t work in real-life.

Making a headline in newspapers by new start-ups, trends, & success stories is not an achievement. They are soon out of focus. The main reason is that most start-ups/people fail to maintain success.


Gimmick doesn’t work in real-life.

Media shall not report even your failure as you got mentioned in newspaper by means of a gimmick.
Without solid ground work & continuous hard-work sustained success is a far off dream.
You can get attention of your friends & the people you are surrounded with. But it dies soon if you haven’t worked hard on making a solid foundation.

>Don’t seek attention.
So far it is clear that one needs not to be an attention-seeker. What truly speaks volumes about you is your sustained success. It is possible only when you toil hard for few years exclusively on yourself, your skills & in acquiring knowledge.

>Get practical.
-You can get rich & can compete with other existing companies if you provide the best services & products.
-You can get promoted only when you perform better than the rest of the employees.
-You can reach the top only when you deserve else you shall be fall miserably.

None of us has a magical wand. The only way to turn around our life is through hard-work & passion.
So, put your heart & soul in pursuing your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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