Engage in productive non-economic activities.

Engage in productive non-economic activities.

One of the adverse impacts of industrialization is that we have forgotten to appreciate the productive non-economic activities.
Everything that happens around us is now weighed in terms of “Money”. Now, the activities that do not produce money are looked as inferior & unproductive.
Let us understand why it is vital to engage in productive non-economic activities.


Engage in productive non-economic activities.

>End of superficial relationships: the beginning of an era of genuine relationships
The first & foremost condition for having a friend is being a friend. Most people are pre-occupying themselves into money-making activities & this has resulted in superficial relations which are just restricted to fulfilling each other’s needs. So, productive non-economic activities like caring, spending time together, helping each other, etc. will surely help in cementing life-long relationships.

Remember money saved is money earned.
-By cleaning your room you not only save few bucks but it also serve an incentive in the form of health benefits.
-By walking few kilometers each day instead of using your vehicle saves money & also improves your health & keeps you agile.

By focusing only on money we have stopped engaging ourselves into vital non-economic activities. Even hobbies that may not have economic value but make us feel happy have been discontinued. This has resulted in gross dissatisfaction among the masses.
Imagine what if your mother didn’t prepared food for you just because it is uneconomical?
We need to reconsider our choices in life to lead a happy & satisfying life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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