The best way to make yourself stronger

The best way to make yourself stronger

>You are Superman.
Believe completely in the idea that you can lead a happy & meaningful life with your own efforts. You can earn significantly through your skills & hard-work. You may never become multi-millionaire or billionaire. But still you will never have to:


The best way to make yourself stronger

Most folks shall engage in sycophancy. It is just the reflection of their weakness. They find it irresistible to not to engage in sweet-talk. They find it difficult to forgo flattery because they think they shall “lose something”.
It could be promotion, few marks or a favor.
Keep in mind that every time you flatter- you become weak. You can get promotion, you can earn genuine favors & above all you can score well in examinations without internals through extreme hard-work.
I’m yet to discover a person who doesn’t hate flattery. Why live a life doing what you loathe?
Rather become more promising & enterprising. It shall open new doors of opportunities to you. Hard-work is the gateway to Grand Success.

-Waste your time.
You have closed the option of flattery for yourself. So, you can focus completely on your work. You understand & appreciate that it’s your work that shall take you to success. That’s good news. You no longer have to work on providing favors. You can truly devote yourself to work. This is a rough path but shall surely make you stronger.

Most people succumb too early. They have prepared themselves to be in sweet-talking mode. They always tend to show-up & try to impress the seniors. That hardly impresses anybody. Your work can thrill anyone.
So, get into habit of performing incredibly well that no one can ignore you.

Surely, you will miss some marks, promotions, perks, etc. but in the end since you have become stronger so you can achieve to ANY LEVEL OF SUCCESS NOW. That’s the beauty of being strong!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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