Review of “Voyagers Into the Unknown” by Ruchira Khanna

Review of “Voyagers Into the Unknown” by Ruchira Khanna

“Voyagers Into the Unknown” by Ruchira Khanna has a very unique & interesting plot. The protagonist Raj runs a tourist company & his new clients are the ones who were recommended by those who have availed his services in the past & it has transformed their life.


"Voyagers Into the Unknown" by Ruchira Khanna

Carl wants his wife Barbara back. Darci & Lennard are worried about their sinking married life. A kind of dark & nasty silence exists between them now what was once used to be filled with joy & laughter. Ira is struggling with her life. Why Asha joins the journey becomes clear only in the end.

Everyone starts the journey hoping that something worthwhile shall come out from the journey. When life is considered as a journey then mishaps are uninvited yet inevitable.
Same shall be the fate of the journey to the Agra. Sometimes mishaps are the ways of God to bring people back on the right track.

“Voyagers Into the Unknown” highlights a journey in which the voyagers experience a void in their life & Raj with his understanding of life tries to soothe them & bring them on to the track of happiness & LETTING THINGS GO OFF!

Best moments@ Voyagers Into the Unknown

“When you do something wrong, it stays in the present, no matter how much time passes”.
Comment: Loved it. Short yet has deep meaning.

“If you let go of what isn’t real in your life, what’s left will be real”.
Comment: Very well written.

“His reluctance to make a decision about whether to stay together was hurting both of them”.

“Deadlines still make me sweat”.

“She was delighted & charmed by this young man, who was helping her lift the scars of her heart & mind”.

“Ever since then, there has been this awful silence between us”.

“You know, by not facing your fear, you will waste this life of yours”.

“I was making new memories with your presence, and erasing out the old”.

Lessons@ “Voyagers Into the Unknown”

“You have a small shadow. You go into your shell when something hurts you since you don’t have the courage to face it”.

Comment: We all do this in hard-times. We feel like taking refuge. There is no refuge in life. We cannot forever live like a refugee. We have to go out & face the world in its most terrible form. That’s how we begin to understand, learn & grow.

“Voyagers Into the Unknown” leaves you optimistic at when it suggests, “Just remember that the past is a false guide to the future, and yet it is what most of us depend upon.”

“Voyagers Into the Unknown” ENDS with a positive note:

“All of the humanity is suffering from one big problem, and that is a loss. However, all of us strive for one big goal as well, and that is happiness.”

Will the mishap that takes place shall make the conditions worse for the voyagers or will it help them in any way?
How will Raj handle the seemingly unfortunate turns of event?
Will he bend or break after the catastrophe during the journey?
Will anything good shall result from their journey?

To know more order the copy of “Voyagers Into the Unknown” by Ruchira Khanna through the link below:

I rate it as 4/5.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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