What you must learn from start-ups?

What you must learn from start-ups?

>Most of them fail.
Most of the start-ups fail running out of money to invest. Success of the start-ups depends upon many factors. Yet the most vital necessity is that you need to have a strategy.
Similarly, in other fields as well- most people shall fail in life.
So, what’s the lesson here?
It is that you have to have a better strategy & daily-goals to fulfill your dreams.


What you can learn from start-ups?

>You may fail badly.
Just as when you fail at start-up you lose quite huge sum of money, energy & time. You may not be in condition to bear the losses. In life as a general if you fail after hard-work of 2-3 years then it’s difficult to rise again. There is no other choice then to start again. As said, bend but do not break.

>You cannot afford to fail.
When time, money & energy are at stake you cannot afford to fail. In day-to-day life as well it is very discouraging to fail. One might lose the confidence after the defeat. But shake off the dust of failure & start again.

Another thing to take notice of is that MANY PEOPLE WILL START & shall give up in the middle of the journey somewhere. Just as in business most give up hope after first failure. The same goes for life as well. Most will give up when they fail in life.
What really makes an entrepreneur successful?
It’s perseverance. So, be relentless and consistent. You shall come up with flying colors.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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