What gifts you must give to your friends & loved-ones?

What gifts you must give to your friends & loved-ones?

Intangible gifts are the best. Monetary gifts are the worst kind of favors. If you are young & hard-working then you can make substantial amount of money by your efforts.
So, for you “monetary gifts” should mean NOTHING MUCH to you. Monetary gifts depreciate in value. Their value is lost in few days/months.
(The irony is that people these days stick to money as an ant sticks to jaggery. So, in a way that represents care to a degree from other person. But that’s not the best-kind-of-gift).


Give best gift to your friend.

The best gifts are:

-Caring & supporting.
Why do you love your mother so much? We will get mixed answer on this question. Among many answers one would be because she cares for you genuinely. She prepares dishes for you. She stands up for you even in hard-times. That’s why her love is revered.
So, if you have FEW caring friends in your life. Your life is cool & you are awesome. Their support cannot be weighed in monetary terms.

-Inspiring & motivating.
As John Keats pointed out, “A thing of beauty is joy forever”. Memories never fade. They travel & assist us throughout our life. We all remember the inspirational words of our parents & siblings. It gives us hope & prepares us to face hard circumstances with boldness.

Never regard an act of guidance as an easy task. The mentor invests huge time in guiding. Since we all have limited time so he/she has given you something that is priceless. So, be thankful to people who have shown you the right path & have helped you in anyway.

So, if you are looking for a gift to give to your friend then “above listed” are the BEST.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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