Stay cool.

Stay Cool.

We all are connected & intertwined. What’s happening in your neighborhood affects your life may be marginally. If you do not have a control over your inner-atmosphere then you may get swayed by the external environment.
If you will look carefully at your life so far you will find that you could:
-Have been more kind
-Have been in more control of yourself
-Have been more hard-working
& you could have been “more COOL” while dealing with day-to-day circumstances.


Stay Cool.

Another thing to take notice of is that in general most things weren’t really affecting you so you could have stayed COOL in devastating situations as well. Upon minute analysis it also becomes clear that circumstances were not as DEVSATATING AS YOU PERCIEVED THEM TO BE.

So, the final advice is to STAY COOL.

Another way of saying that is: don’t be affected by external environment especially people surrounding you. They often act out of emotions & feelings. They don’t always act rationally. And therefore it is not much of your concern why someone talked to you rudely (*Hogi Koi Baat) you may not be the reason behind that.

Also, life is small. Even if the storm will last for your entire life (the worst case scenario) then too if you can remain unattached with the results & keep on doing what ought to be done- you will never be short of peace & tranquility in your life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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