In reality there is no competition.

In reality there is no competition.

Most folks can never convince themselves to follow their dreams. Leave aside dreams, they even cannot even commit themselves to anything. They just live their life.


In reality there is no competition.

As Lord Buddha said, “All know the way but few actually walk it”.
It’s hard sticking to your goals & to keep chasing your dreams every single day.
The problem with most folks is that they have never committed themselves to anything. As a result of which they are only able to stick to a particular goal for a few days/weeks & then are on the same track.

They have not developed their will-power. Due to which they find it hard to be on the right track.
They are unable to say “no” to distractions. Distractions keep them engaged. It’s not that they don’t wish to achieve their dreams. They do want. How can you run a marathon without strong will-power & continuous practice?

So, the first & foremost thing to do is to strengthen your will-power muscles. Toughen it more each single day.

If you will look closely then you will find that in reality there is no competition. Open up the pages of History & you won’t find a single example where a person with strong will-power failed to succeed in life.
So, the truth is that we all know the path to achieve success. Doing what is required from us ensures success but unfortunately most will find it hard to do that due to insufficient will-power muscles.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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