Why is specialization needed?

Why is specialization needed?

In this world of cut-throat competition it is vital to get specialized in a particular field of study.


Why is specialization needed?

1. With time the volume of information available in a particular field of study increases by manifold & it becomes difficult for an individual to master the whole subject. So, new minor subjects are carved out from the same.

2. Specialization becomes necessary when “nearly” all in the field have the same knowledge. What shall give you an edge over others? It’s specialization.

Technology driven world adds something new each day in your industry- no matter in which industry you are in. So, it is must to be tech-savvy in the current era.

>Common Knowledge.
You shall get paid minuscule if you have the “common knowledge”. As often said, you won’t be paid much for General Knowledge as it is readily available.
To earn extra-ordinarily you need to be an expert in your domain. Specializing in one of the subjects related to your industry will facilitate learning something that most folks are unaware of.
Hence, it shall increase:
-Your pay
-Your confidence
-Your visibility as an Expert
-Your connections with other domain experts, hence, further enhancing your knowledge

So, get specialized.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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