The Engineers plight & the way ahead.

The Engineers plight & the way ahead

When I was commencing my engineering course in 2012, the package offered to fresh B. Tech graduates by top IT Sector companies was in between 3-3.5 LPA.
4 years have passed since then.
Still, what has remained constant over 4 years is the monthly payment offered to fresh graduates.


The Engineers plight & the way ahead

>Why is it of concern?

As per the statistics of Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, MOSPI, Inflation rate averaged over the period of 2012 to until 2016 is 7.79 %.
-That means the prices of products & services are increasing by more than 7% each year.
You will struggle to maintain a good lifestyle in 20-24K monthly earnings in IT sector.

Moreover, you cannot put your money in the bank to earn some interest (as the case had been over years). Even when you get it Fixed deposited, FD, your money will grow by 8-9% i.e. if inflation is taken into account then your money has just appreciated by 1-1.5% which is minuscule.
The only option left is the stock market for investments. They are risky & to learn the requisite skills & gain the knowledge required to earn returns on your investments in stock markets is TIME-TAKING (but that’s the only way beyond investing in real-estate & starting a business).
You need prior understanding of how stock market works & significant experience before you get comfortable with losing in stock exchange market & eventually making profits.

PS- Jim Rohn said, “You cannot get rich by demand”. How true is that! You have to work on yourself & your skills to make a fortune. No one shall pay you more until & unless there is someone who is willing to work at the same wage & does the same quality of work.
So, work-like hell. Corporate jobs aren’t as safe & secure as portrayed.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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