Success gets blurred with time.

Success gets blurred with time.

Success gets blurred with time. Each time you do something worthwhile you draw the attention of the people around you. If your success is big then the people who idolize you are in huge number.


Success gets blurred with time.

But what happens after few days or a month?
You are forgotten.
That’s the harsh reality!
So, you must never be much concerned with fame but the quality of your work. Fame is temporary. One day the newspaper may be filled with “something related to you” & other day someone else might take that place.
What happens in Bollywood is clear representation of the above phenomenon. Many at times a new hero or heroine is starred in a movie and the trailer of the movie creates a sensation. The movie might as well be a hit. But again, to find a place in Bollywood one has to give 2-3 breakthroughs.
So, the sensation received is temporary.

The greatest lesson here is to be humble. No matter at what heights you reach. Be humble!

When you die- people will forget you after few days/months. Quality work brings satisfaction & peace. If you keep doing good-work then you shall remain happy, cheery & peaceful till the end of your life.
That’s something worth. A life lived with satisfaction, peace & joy.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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