Sleep MUST be the last sacrifice.

Sleep MUST be the last sacrifice.

While working on your dreams you will need to put into lots of hours of practice and you shall have to make measurable growth in a short-time span. It cannot be achieved without making some sacrifices.
Most folks are generally unwilling to cut short their time spent on things that give them “sensual pleasure”.


Sleep MUST be the last sacrifice.

-They can go without sleep to watch 2-3 movies in a row.
-They can go on a vacation with friends.
-They involve themselves into meaningless conversations whose output would be zero.

The road that leads to your dreams won’t be easy. It demands certain amount of time (RULE OF 10, 000 Hours) & hard-work before you reap the benefits.

It’s NOT okay to sacrifice your sleep in order to study when you waste a hell lot of time in useless and unproductive activities.

Look at your life. Cut off everything that steals away your time that you need to build your dreams.
-Miss some parties but sleep at night.
-Miss some movies. Not all are worth your time.
-Don’t interact with everyone you meet down the road. Not all people are worth your time. In your tight schedule make sure that you spend time ONLY with close friends and family members.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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