Should you go for post-graduation?

Should you go for post-graduation?

To just pass the academic examinations of Bachelors course is no longer a big deal. There is plethora of B.Tech graduates who know nothing about engineering (*you can count me in to some extent). In most cases, the reality is that WE DO NOT STUDY ENGINEERING- we just pass it. Studying late night just before the examinations doesn’t add any real value to your knowledge base.


Should you go for post-graduation?

>Getting another degree: Bad Idea.
So, going for an MBA or M. Tech or any other post-graduate degree is futile. It won’t add any real value to your life until you have committed yourself TO GIVE YOUR BEST during the course.

Else what shall happen is:
-You will waste quite good sum of money on something that isn’t worth.
-You will waste 2 precious years of your life (you will never get them back!).
-You will surround yourself with people who are willing to partially waste their 2 years after graduation (prime years of their life).

I suggest not going for post-graduation from “any college” because:
-The condition of higher education is REALLY poor (infrastructure, faculty, placements, environment, facilities, etc. are not up to date with the trends in industrial demands).
Secondly, better options are available:
-Joining an MNC & working whole-heartedly for it (at least you will have some exposure to the corporate sector & you will develop some skills of your industry).

-Preparing for competitive examinations (at least YOU WILL WROK-HARD & will get to know what it really takes to succeed in life).

-You can engage yourself into self-learning as it is inexpensive (reading books, researching, watching Youtube videos, etc.) but is highly effective and will get you ahead of your peers (*almost always).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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