What media fails to report?

What media fails to report?

We live in a world where “populist” news trends.


What media fails to report?

-A start-up making a huge success all of a sudden will be covered. It does provide impetus and serves as an appreciation to the team members of the start-up but what gets left out from reporting is their downfall.

-Students of board examinations securing the tops ranks is given huge space when results are announced. In district news you can find the name & %ge of top scorers from your city. None of the media takes care to find out what happened after 5-6 years from then.

So, media fails to provide you the complete picture. Many commit suicide after the results are announced just because they couldn’t meet the expectations of the family & society at large.

The probability of your success is minuscule if you stop working hard even if you are the topper of your college.

Can you earn 35LPA without hard-work by late 20s?
Can you be appointed to key positions in government or in private institution without relentless hard-work?
Can you lead your life successfully with mere the tag of “being the topper” when there are people who have worked-hard to develop the skills to get into the industry they desired?

What matters is what you did after your first breakthrough (*being topper)?
Did you lived in the glory of your past success or you worked hard to write another success story for yourself?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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