I want to have a photo with you.

I want to have a photo with you.

There are many folks, who crave to have a photo with a celebrity they adore, friends, colleagues, seniors, etc. We must have a larger dream than getting photographed with someone.
Give yourself a break from stuffs that you need merely to flaunt. I got a photo with the most beautiful girl/boy of the college. It all hardly matters! Life is bigger than this. Be sane & mature.


I want to have a photo with you.

>Few people.
There are few people who truly care about you. Regard others as outside of your landscape. Always remember that in life we need to surround ourselves with quality people. Quantity represents just a number. It’s a mirage.

Reverse your current situation with hard-work & dedication.
-Do something so that people want to get photographed with you.
-Do something so that you need no introduction.
-Do something so that you set a benchmark in the society.

More than that- you don’t need to have fame or success to be happy & lead a meaningful life.
You are ready & able to follow the path of your dreams. You just have got few more days/months or years. So, better live & relish them. Engage yourself into productive & meaningful endeavors.

Your life has larger meaning than getting photographed with someone!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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