See “only” the results.

See “only” the results.

If you are preparing for competitive examinations then your confidence may fluctuate from high to low & vice-versa.
It is a long process so dip in confidence for a long time may rule out possibility of your selection.


I will see only the results

Time is the most vital resource if you are preparing for an examination. Where do we waste most of our time during preparation? Predicting our possibility for selection & thinking about results.
You should refrain from thinking or making guesses about results. It shall only be sheer waste of time.
Instead you must say to yourself that I WILL SEE THE RESULTS.
And this implies that you won’t waste time in trying to forecast your results or chances of your selection.

The major problem is that there is an element of luck associated with competitive examinations. So, while estimating your results you may get into trap of “IF THAT DOES NOT HAPPENS THEN” phir kya hoga?

Also, at stake is your time & resources. So, obviously initially there is positive stress but if you keep thinking about results then you might slip into the trap of “looking for an alternative” that will eventually lead to failure in achieving anything.
So, the best practice is to prepare well. You are only going TO SEE THE RESULTS.
Uske baad ka uske baad dekha jaayega!!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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