Why you must know your weaknesses?

Why you must know your weaknesses?

In this age of collaboration it is imperative to know your weaknesses. If you are venturing into something then you must know what you are weak at.

The benefits of knowing your weaknesses (everything that is not your strength is your weakness) are:


Why you must know your weaknesses?

Co-founder: choose a co-founder as someone who “knows what you don’t” or is better than you at “what you are not”.

Team: your team members must be capable of fulfilling each other’s weaknesses. It will make your team invincible.

So, the benefit of knowing one’s weakness is that you can get it complemented by your partner in business.

You can truly focus on strengthening what you are good at. That will act as an edge wherever you may go. You shall have more time to improve your art.

In order to achieve success in this competitive world you need to “focus on your strengths”. You need to make your career in field where you have an edge else life won’t be smooth and you will have to face lots of resistance.
Working on your weaknesses is must but it is a slow process. You must act on them but strategy must be for long-term.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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