I no longer preach.

I no longer preach.

Earlier I believed that if you understand what’s “right or wrong” & let the people know about the same helps in improving the quality of their life.
But that’s not true.


I no longer preach.

In most cases you will find that you have just wasted your precious time. It happens so because:

1. Almost all people consider themselves to be smarter (so they hardly give any attention to what you say). So, better avoid wasting your time and energy on such folks.

2. Weakness.
People are weak from within. They will always be afraid to take the path that’s difficult and requires hard-work along the way.

What you can do at maximum?
YOU CAN DO YOUR WORK WITH DEVOTION. That is contagious. It will help you to charge the environment in which you live in with positivity. Right kind of people will get associated with you.
In reality, you never need to deliver a sermon to attract people into your life. They will be simply appealed by your devotion in work, remaining calm & serene in tough situations & your never-to-give-up attitude.

Don’t be a preacher. You can change only the lives of people who are willing to. There is no scope of transformation in people who don’t wish to change themselves.
So, stay focused to your work.

Whom to guide?
Guide those who seek you. There are great chances that your words, actions, care, affection & guidance will help them in becoming a better person.
Tell “what you know or understand” only when it is DEMANDED.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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