Two limited resources that you need to manage in order to be successful?

Two limited resources that you need to manage in order to be successful?

Ask most people about limited resource in their life & their response shall be “TIME”.
Yes, we all have limited time. What we all ignore most of the time is that we have limited energy as well.


Time & Energy.

You are full of energy when you wake up after a deep & sound sleep. The energy level dips as the time passes. By the end of the day you feel exhausted and fatigued.
So, you have to not only manage your time effectively but your energy too.

>Managing your energy.

-The process starts before you go to bed. Before you fall asleep plan your next day. Choose at least 3 things that you shall accomplish next day. It will allow you to wake up with enthusiasm.

-Keep yourself focused to your to-do list. Remember, with focus you can achieve more as your productivity increases.

-Avoid distractions. Before you plunge into anything ask yourself- “Is it necessary?” Proceed only if the answer is yes. What happens most of the times is that we keep on engaging ourselves constantly into conversations and activities that barely matter! As a result of which we unfortunately get fatigued too early.

-Overdose of entertainment must be avoided at any cost. Watching T.V. for long hours not only exhausts you but also leads to loss of concentration. Same is true for surfing the internet.

Learn to manage your time effectively as even if you have ample time and lack energy then also nothing significant can be achieved.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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