Why you must self-publish a short-book as an experiment?

Why you must self-publish a short-book as an experiment?

Becoming a published author is no longer a big deal. If you can put significant amount of money then you can get it published from vanity publishers. But that wouldn’t be an asset to you. I don’t think getting a book published for sake of being “published author” is worth.



Instead you must get your book self-published through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). The benefits of it are as follows:

-It’s free.
You just have to write your book and design its cover. Once you do that you can upload your book at Kindle store. (There is even no need to get your content copyright protected. You can get it done if the book sells in good number.)

If you opt for traditional publishing then they market your book. What if you could do the marketing of your book individually?
You can gain insights on marketing your book via self-publishing. You are the only one to look after your book. So, in the process you will learn:
How to use social media for promoting your book?
How to set up a blog and use it as a marketing platform?
How can collaborations help you in marketing your book?
How to connect with other bloggers & reviewers and receive feedbacks on your book?
I had recently published “The Ultimate Suicide Guide- 27 Principles to beat suicide” by Er. Amit Yadav which is now available on Amazon due to same reason as described above. Just as an experiment.

You can grab your copy of “The Ultimate Suicide Guide” through the link below:


With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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