Sow seeds wherever you are.

Sow seeds wherever you are.

Sowing seeds is like investments that you make in the present. Truly, not all the investments you make shall yield results but some will.

Graduation is the best time to make long-term investments. Be it in relationships, career, learning, or venturing into something.

You will never get this opportunity again in life. To go to school/workplace and meet and learn from people out there is one thing but “living for 24*7” with your roommates is another thing. It is a phenomenal feeling. You have literally breathed together.
It is unlikely that you will feel so much connected and attached to someone except your immediate family members (& to your spouse when you get married) with anyone. So, besides studies and career obligations do “take a moment” out of your busy life to chill out with your friends. I always believed that to make money it just takes 2-3 years of hard-work but to find “a good person with a big-heart” in this sea of selfish world is really difficult. So, if you find a nice soul “Use Apna Bna Lo”.

Graduation is the best time to accelerate your learning’s. Till 12th most probably we have lived in the cocoon of our parents. For the first time we step out of the frontiers of our family ties.
You will meet lots of people. All shall be from different background, will carry a unique way of thinking, distinct dreams & shall have their own individuality.
Interacting and spending time with them will help you to learn a lot. Try to find few folks out there who “seem to have a plan for life”. How can you expect people without dreams & a plan to succeed in life?

Always find some time to meet people from diverse professions as it shall allow you to look at the same situation with different angles. Philosophers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, etc. all perceive life’s circumstances in different light. To be extra-ordinarily successful you should be able to walk into the shoes of all of the above.
Also, no matter wherever you may go-you will find human beings. So, having a better understanding of human beings is always desirable. This whole world is like a human library.


Sow seeds wherever you are.

>Venture into something.
Having said that let me explain you why it is high time that you must start thinking about beyond jobs.
If you are from middle-class then having a decent salary could be “what you might be dreaming of”.
Do you know where almost all the money earned by middle-class families goes to? In Education Sector.
Look at your life. Your family would have always agreed to cut short budget for everything but when it came to education they would have agreed to spend whatever you might have demanded.
What happens typically is that in 12th or after 12th you will be admitted to a coaching institute for preparing for competitive exams (IIT-JEE, AIMS/AIPMT, CLAT, etc. as per the career you choose)
Even after graduation you may not be satisfied with the job offers you may had.
So, you may again wish to appear in some competitive examinations. Not only does it cause you to spend hefty money (for coaching) but also the competition is so stiff that you might fail as well.
Alternatively, you might go into private sector jobs where you would be tempted to go for post-graduation (esp. MBA). So, a large portion of money you earn would be spent in pursuing post-graduation.

So, when you would be in late 30s. If you would calculate then you will find out that you have spent a lot of money still you don’t earn significantly.

This is the main drawback of being in job. You shall create an environment where your child too will be pushed to “get educated” in such a way that he/she fails to make significant money.
For changing that you have to “create something value-able at market place”.

>Creating something.
Creating something value-able at market place requires time. Starting a business from scratch may take around 2-3 years and still you may fail at it. So, graduation is the best time. The biggest advantage is that you have TIME. You will never be this much carefree in life ever again.
Plus the skills you acquire while trying to create a product, selling it, marketing it, etc. are all essential skills that shall help you wherever you might be.

So, sow seeds. They will sprout one day to become trees. Be it relationships, skills, knowledge, or anything else.
Make conscious efforts to sow seeds often.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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