Why you must use “Hootsuite App” for managing multiple social media accounts?

Why you must use “Hootsuite App” for managing multiple social media accounts?


Hootsuite App

>Scheduling your posts.
The best feature about “Hootsuite” is that you can set custom time for scheduling your posts on various social networks.
It is unwelcoming for your audience when you post 2-3 posts at the same time. So, by using “Hootsuite” you can keep particular time difference between your posts.
You can schedule them at any time of the day.


Scheduling your post.


Scheduled post.

>You don’t have to login.
You don’t have to login on various social networks to access them. It just requires one time log in and you can view all your social network feeds and notification on the “Hootsuite” platform. It shall save your time that you might waste in logging into various social networks.

>No chat option.
It happens that while you may be working on your next post to be put on social network, a message might pop up and seek your attention. It’s tempting to reply to the messages promptly. Hence, you go off the track and may engage in long conversations. Therefore, use “Hootsuite” to avoid interruptions.
(*though you can add message folder as well on your Hootsuite dashboard but I highly recommend you not to do so).

Hootsuite is one of the fast and the most sought after App to manage your social media accounts.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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