Yes, I’m listening.

Yes, I’m listening.

Listen to people not only because it adds knowledge but also because “it tells about them”.
I listen keenly to people. If you are patient and calm they will tell you everything.


Yes, I'm listening.

But why you need to know about it all?
-It will ensure better understanding about people. They are guided by emotions (*most of the times).

-Judging: The words people use for them clearly defines them. What they think of themselves is what they become more of. So, never miss out “what people think about themselves”. It allows you to make informed choices about people.

So, keep listening. It tells a lot about people- their likes, dislikes, past, present and their future aspirations.

One cannot be on “impressing mode” all the time. In fact, no one on Earth can pretend to be what they are not for long. So, listening keenly and with alertness what one speaks gives you major clue about people.

Take the clues to decide if the person deserves. If he/she deserves then stay in a relationship else walk away.
Also, listening is one of the remarkable habits of great people. It also helps in cementing trust and care factor in relationships.
So, I’m listening. Are you?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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