What you must learn from your parents?

What you must learn from your parents?

We often fail to learn great lessons from our parents. They are caring, loving and affectionate. Besides that they have a couple of other remarkable lessons of life for us:


What you must learn from your parents?

If your mother could wash your clothes why can’t you? If your mother could cook food each day with dedication why can’t you develop the same commitment towards your work?

If your father can wake up each day early and can work up till late at night why can’t you take your studies seriously?
Why can’t you be strong enough to accept the realities and work accordingly?

>Why do you need luxuries?

Do your parents dine regularly at restaurants? Then why do you feel the need of eating often at restaurants?
Do your parents take off leave from work often? Then why do you refrain from your work?

So, even if you wish to enjoy the luxuries of life- it must be when you stand up on your own feet. It’s easy to spend hard-earned money of parents.

For students and learners-of-life the ultimate luxury is hard-work, balanced diet and a deep sleep. That sums up the best, peaceful and happy life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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