They deserve too.

They deserve too.

Being born and brought up in a family with meager resources is distressing. Sometimes, you just have to survive on one meal a day. Other times, you have to work to feed yourself.


They deserve too.

It is our insatiable spirit to enjoy and consume everything that exists in this world has created ruckus.
At the end of the day we feel unsatisfied as we look & compare ourselves with people who are doing better than us. In the mad race to accomplish materialistic luxuries we tend to ignore the massive poverty that plagues millions of people around the globe.
We fail to appreciate what we have. As a result of which we feel inadequate. How can someone who feels inadequate to be a contributor of the society?
How can one donate something to the marginalized sections of the society who experiences shortage of resources intellectually?

Most of the times we fail to generate gratitude for what we have. It results us to be mere consumer. For being a giver one needs a big heart. Only a gratified heart contributes generously for a cause.

It’s miraculous when someone with meager resources excels in life. It is the result of sheer hard-work and grit. Such examples must inspire us to help THOSE WHO DESERVE. Our little efforts in this regard can help in rekindling hope in the eyes of those who are still struggling to achieve success despite the lack of resources.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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