Why self-learning is cool?

Why self-learning is cool?

I strongly believe in self-learning. How many people really do engage in self-learning? The answer is exceptionally few.


Self-learning is COOL.

>Quality of your life.
Quality of your life is greatly shaped by your attitude. Attitude is shaped by experiences, pondering and reading. So, get into habit of reading books. Read lots of books. You don’t need to start from page 1 to the end. Just browse through the chapters that seem “important as per your current situations & challenges” in your life.

>Warrior of life.
What we are taught in schools and colleges are minuscule of what is really required for excelling in real life. The rules of life are totally different. Hence, self-learning is essential. Self-learning is one of the tools that makes you dynamic. Through this mode you can acquire knowledge in various industries.

>Revitalize your life.
It revitalizes your life. Continues learning makes your mind agile. It keeps you young and energetic. The inflow of knowledge and wisdom adds newness into your life.

The most beautiful thing is that you can run your own race. If you are self-motivated you can “accelerate your learning” as per your developed capabilities.
Another thing that can woo you for self-learning is that it is inexpensive unlike most professional degrees where you will be required to pay hefty fee. And yet nothing significant comes out after their completion.
So, be cool. Don’t follow the herd.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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