Review of “ The Last Seen Romantic” by Arjun Dutt

Review of “The Last Seen Romantic by Arjun Dutt”

The Last Seen Romantic by Arjun Dutt highlights pleasantly how the social media has disrupted our real life. Our insatiable urge to log in, to read messages & to check notifications over social networking sites & how it impacts our life has been dealt with in detail in “The Last Seen Romantic”.
How ample amount of time we waste in stalking people over social newtorks?


The Last Seen Romantic by Arjun Dutt

Story@ “The Last Seen Romantic by Arjun Dutt”

The story is about Aryan who meets by chance to Tanvi and starts believing that “she is the girl of her dreams”.
After few days, Tanvi went overseas for a project work. They connected to each other via social media- Friendview. Aryan starts to stalk her profile all the time.
The photos that had been shared by Tanvi over Friendview makes Aryan suspect that Raghav could be her boyfriend. He finds that she is the centre of males’ attraction.
His world starts to ruin as he is in dilemma whether to confess his love to her on not.
Will Aryan be able to tell about his love to her? Will he be able to finally get Tanvi?
Or will Aryan get duped by her in a long-distance relationship where social media is the only way to remain in touch?

*Don’t know if I should state it as a weakness or strength of “The Last Seen” but when Aryan taps into his Messenger repeatedly whenever he it creates an upsurge of abhorrence as we experience in real life “when we find someone peeping into social networks after passage of every few minutes”.

Touching Moments@ The Last Seen Romantic by Arjun Dutt

-In a world filled with callous cynics like you, who don’t have an ounce of romance in their being, and depraved animals who just want wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, I am the world’s last hope for love.

-Forget about her. There’ll be other fish in the sea.

-It was like a staring contest across cyberspace. He was 7000 km away from her, but for those two minutes he felt like he was staring directly into her piercing brown eyes.

-She’d been treating him little better than toilet paper, yet she had the gall to call him jealous and insecure.

-He tapped out of Messenger, but tapped in soon after to re-read Tanvi’s message. It was still there, it was still the same. (This one was the best! Very well written by Arjun Dutt)

Do grab the copy of “The Last Seen Romantic by Arjun Dutt” by following the link below:

About the Author:

Arjun Dutt works at a start-up company which straddles the worlds of finance and technology. An alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi, the writer is also a keen traveller and a sports enthusiast.

I rate it as 3.5/5

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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