Why I don’t mind discriminations?

Why I don’t mind discriminations?

People had built mind locks (a conscious effort to meet their own selfish ends) & with passage of time began discriminating between human beings. The basis of discrimination could be color, creed, sex, place of birth, caste and if I go on enumerating the list seems endless.
Human beings may portray that “they are superior” and that they are turning into being more humane but it is far from truth.


You shouldn't have mind blocks.

It is the discriminator that has “mind locks”. I have full faith in my abilities, passion, hard-work & determination that “I can achieve what I want at any point of time”.

>I work-hard & I don’t have time to give a damn to what “mind locks people might hold”.
As Victor Hugo said, “No one can stop an idea whose time has come”.

>As once a gentleman explained me, “Amit suppose I wanted you to get done something and you are reluctant to do so”.
Do you think I’m helpless?
I replied, “Yes, to an extent as till I have the authority I may not get your work done”.
The gentlemen said peacefully, “Would you still be reluctant to do that if your father said to you to do that?”
I quickly understood that what this person was saying made some sense.
So, the lesson was that you have to convince one or the other person. No matter if that’s the son or his father. Your work will get done. It also points out that “there is always a way out”. We keep looking at the closed doors so keenly that we miss out the clues regarding the doors that got opened.

So, the best strategy for life is to realize your mind locks. Nothing can create a hindrance in your success if you are iron-determined.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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