Best advice @ life after graduation.

Best advice @ life after graduation.


Best advice @ life after graduation

>Become immune to words.
Do not expect the world outside the walls of your graduating college to be warm and welcoming. Life shall be hard & challenging. The best thing you can do is to become immune to hard/demotivating words. If someone says anything cruel to you- it hardly matters as long as you don’t react.

>Focus on your “work”.
The honeymoon period is over. You have got few of the best buddies who truly understand and care for you. You had a great and memorable 3-4 years of your graduation. Now is the time to work on yourself and live your dreams. Be very strict to what you give attention to. What you attend to is your priority. Don’t give priority to shits. Be choosy and disciplined in this regard.

You will never have the same opportunity to again breathe with folks (the time you had with room-mates). Don’t gossip at workplace (though people would be doing it). Be good but don’t expect others to reciprocate.

>Keep learning.
Getting a job after graduation is just one of the steps out of thousands that shall be required to fulfill your dreams. So, relax and be relentless each day for your dreams. Don’t miss out learning things that matter.

Be fearless and travel @ speed of light. You now possess all what it takes to succeed in life. You just gotta be consistent.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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