Why you must use “Pocket App”?

Why you must use “Pocket App”?

Pocket App allows you to store & organize articles. The major problem today is the plethora of information available to us via e-magazines, websites & bogs. It is highly recommended that you develop the ability to separate “best & useful” articles from the sea of information.


Pocket App

You can’t trust your memory. If you come across any good article and find it useful for your examination or your business “save it in your Pocket App”.

On weekends or when you are free have a look to those articles again. If you find any of them to be “not-so-useful” delete it.

>Keep valuable articles.
As you will keep repeating the above process with time you would have built your own repository of articles.
They could be on Health, Environment or anything you are researching on. You can also use it to store quotes that inspire and touch you.


Saving useful articles.

In case any of your friend or close acquaintance needs your “collection” you can share it via Pocket as well.

The above process is like those of bee that collect nectar each day. In the similar fashion you to must become a bee that collects, reads and assimilates rich & valuable information.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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