What 5 things you shouldn’t do in relationships?

What 5 things you shouldn’t do in relationships?


5 don'ts for relationships

1. Trying to Change.
Don’t try to change people. If you like them- be with them. If not there is no need to stay. Relationships need acceptance. We all have inherent flaws. We hardly look at them. May be these imperfections make perfect relationships.

2. Infringing on Personal matter.
Be more focused on uplifting, cheering and helping. Don’t infringe on personal matters. It may be tempting to know “why a person does so or why he/she is like that” but still maintain a gap. It’s bliss to be not aware of everything.

3. Letting relationships sink in ego.
You can be in good terms with almost everyone if you don’t allow yourself to be ruled by ego. Keep your ego at home when you step out of it. It saves many precious relationships. Being humble and caring costs absolutely nothing.

4. Forcing your choice.
Never force anyone in relationship with you to abide by your choice. We all should have the freedom to choose experiment, fail & excel in our own unique way. So, even when you lend an advice it shouldn’t be pushy and final decisions must be left reserved for the other person.

5. Caring too much.
Remember, it is nice to care for the other people but there must be a boundary. It might make the other person insecure if you care too much. We all have inkling to be independent. We all wish to be treated like adults. And we all aspire to shout at world that “Main Bhi Apne Pairon Pe Khada Hoon”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


3 thoughts on “What 5 things you shouldn’t do in relationships?

  1. veeru says:

    Very nice…actually sometime we should leave the things in their ordinary form so that they can easily flow….do not create some obstacle by adding something extra effort to make it better


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