Blogging as a ‘Word of Mouth’ tool.

Blogging as a ‘Word of Mouth’ tool.

If you are an independent blogger like me then your “recommendations” matters. You can suggest books, apps, T.V. shows or any productive tip to your audience.

Blogging acts as a WoM (Word of Mouth) tool. Recall why at first you started using a product of a particular brand? It would have been recommended by your friend. This is termed as WoM marketing. WoM is believed to be the most reliable form of marketing.


Blogging as a WoM tool.

If you discover a product/app/book that has helped you immensely in your life do compose a blog post on it. There shall be many of your audience who too might be looking for something like that.

Even I too Google many times stuffs like- “10 best marketing must read books”, 10 best comedy movies of all time”, & so on. The logic behind the same is that I don’t have “good knowledge about all the industries”. So, why not go with the recommendations and suggestions by people from that niche?
It’s helpful & the fastest way to “find the beeline for Success/Entertainment/Right Information.

So, blogging is a platform that allows you to share your experiences about products/services. You can recommend one over other. That will help in saving time & resources of the audience.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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