Always calculate the Cost/Benefit ratio.

Always calculate the Cost/Benefit ratio.

Here the cost is “time”. So, spend time with only quality people. If you spend time with good people the likelihood of you being happy is tremendously high. So, cost to benefit ratio is good.


Calculate Cost/Benefit ratio.

> Learning
Learn “what is in demand”. Focus on your strengths. Look at the fresh B.Tech graduates they are paid 2.5 LPA-3 LPA if they don’t really know at what they are good at (i.e. jack of all trades). If they are good at just one skill let’s say “coding” they can be paid as hefty as 8 LPA easily.
So, if you focus on a particular skill then Cost/Benefit ratio is exceptionally high. Here the cost is “time & resources”.

Watch only recommended movies. If you watch them with family then the Cost/Benefit will be high. If you engage yourself in entertainment all the time then the benefit is really low.

>Help others.
Cost/Benefit ratio is high when you help others. So, be generous in helping out others.

Go only for those investments where Cost/Benefit ratio is nice. Else you might drain your hard-earned money on bad investments.

So, before you plunge into a new venture, relationships, activity, goal, task or skill calculate its cost/benefit ratio.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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