What is the fastest way to achieve success?

What is the fastest way to achieve success?

The fastest way to achieve success is by “Running your own race”. You better know what you are capable of in a given time frame. You can design your goals as per your habits & ability.

>I decided to write 1K blog posts by mid of May.
It was a random decision. But since I wanted to practice the art of writing and get the requisite confidence & boost up for the life ahead- writing a lot was a good choice that I made.


Run your own RACE.

>You choose your own.
Not less not more but “what you truly believe is possible for you”. Constantly keep raising the bars. Make it difficult for yourself. This is the best proven way to monitor and excel in life. You have to run your own race. Compete with “what you were yesterday”. Make progressions in the direction of your dreams each day.

Few rules:
-Be consistent.

-Be active throughout the day.

-Keep learning.
-Enjoy the game (that is the journey to the success because there is no fun in achieving success if you miss to relish the path. You will never get back those 2-3 years of your life.)

¬-Get up early and work till late.

-At least maintain your daily quota of “work”. (It could be 12 hours each day till the last breath)

-Understand the “modern competition”.
In this massive competitive world either “do something seriously or don’t plunge into it”. So, once you decide “what you want to do” go with all your heart. Put all your focus into it. Mediocre are paid 2LPA (who are jack of all trade! Do you want to be someone who knows so many things but failed to master any one of them and as a consequence of it is paid miserably?)

Be fearless and execute ideas @ speed of light. After having considerable deliberations- refrain from thinking as it will eat away your time for ACTIONS.

Be action oriented you shall always rock.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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