How to excel in any field?

How to excel in any field?

Find out the level of competition that exists & start playing at that level. You cannot expect yourself to be victorious if your preparation is not up to the mark.

>Where do you stand?
Find out at what level you are currently & how much you need to scale up? What skills you need to acquire?


What is the level of competition?

Everybody is drifting to this career option. Before you jump into it ask yourself- do I have the requisite dedication, time & grit to go for it?
You will meet again folks from IIT’s/IIM’s/AIIM’s. Apart from that “serious candidates” for whom it is their cherished childhood dreams & they are working @ speed of light since many years.
So, until & unless you have the requisite stamina & dedication don’t jump into it.

The same is true for sportsperson. They have work-hard day in & day out for many years before you start valuing their skills at sports.

So, no matter what profession or field you choose to get in. Study and research about the “level of competition” that is required and the skills one needs.
Fix yourself as central. And ask “what is the need from my side” & in how much time I can reach there?
Schedule a date (fixed date) for the completion of your dreams. Start fearlessly and @ speed of light. Don’t look backward once you have taken the first step.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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