What is really meant by “being practical”?

What is really meant by “being practical”?

Life becomes easy & smooth if you adopt a pragmatic outlook towards it. Let me take an example. How many close and good friends can you have in a life?
Let’s choose a one-digit number. For the time-being let’s say 7.

7 is a good number. As you will grow in life you will accept this figure to be very decent.


Be practical.

>What are the benefits of it?
You just have to be happy and satisfied to have a 1 wonderful friend in each 5 years of your life. Not a big deal!
You have to keep yourself aloof from the weeds. You are a flower that is meant to add fragrance to the world.
Why I’m supporting this ideology of being practical is because even if you shall look closely to folks@ graduation you will find many to be mind-locks when it comes to relationships. They think in the direction “3-4 SAAL HI TOH KAATNE HAI…KYA ZARURAT HAI KISI SE YAARI DOSTI KI…APNA KAAM NIKALO BAS…”.
How you can call such buddies to be your close & best friends?
Irrespective of how much you serve them the people who become best friends foster a good attitude towards relationships. So, having 1 in each 5 years is a great accomplishment.

-You have more time for your immediate family (as you have a very small group of close friends & all others are just acquaintances for you).

-You have more time to devote to work and hence to your dreams.

-You don’t have to bear the drama of other people (as their drama’s hardly matter to you). People often play emotional drama’s to get their work done. If you don’t feel like “they deserve” then don’t help. Deserving is the first & foremost condition to help.

-You have to make call to few people (as you have few close but true friends).

This is just one example of being practical in relationships. The same principle could be applied to dreams, health & other areas of life as well.
It shall surely make your life a cake walk.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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