How I made a 2-tier plan for my life?

How I made a 2-tier plan for my life?

Many people often ask me- why you engage yourself into blogging so religiously?
I seldom tell them that it’s plan-B. Today, I reveal in this blog post my whole strategy for next few years.


2-tier strategy

>Why blogging?
First priority is getting a reputed govt. job. For that I shall start preparation in full-swing from May end this year. After 1 years of hard-work, I will take competitive examinations. If I clear any I will take up the job & will work simultaneously for other jobs as well.
Blogging is Plan-B. If I fail to achieve any good job then I will apply for content-writing jobs in reputed firms via AMCAT or E-litmus. With the experience I have gained I would be offered good salary & chances of getting rejected are minimal (as I have experience of 1.5 years of blogging, ability to create social media posters/banners & audience engagement & good communications skills).
Moreover, after 1 year of preparation I will have better understanding of History, Geography, Polity, Economics and Ethics & Integrity. So, after a year I shall be able to write better on varied topics.
Preparation shall be a win-win situation even if I fail in competitive examinations.

Blogging doesn’t make me fatigue. So, even if I join as a content-writer still I shall be able to make out time for my dreams.

>A govt. Job
This is the plan-A. Even after in a job, I’ll continue blogging as it energizes me. I am just about to create an e-book named “The Ultimate Suicide Guide- 50 principles to beat suicide” By Er. Amit Yadav & will be writing such more books after the job and shall publish them via KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). I shall also be generously contributing to various e-magazines & blogs.

So, what blogging has enabled me is that I can always get back to the private sector and earn significantly.
Also, it will act as a confidence booster that I’m apparently taking no risks. Life shall be smooth wherever I go as I have worked-hard on myself (& shall keep doing it).

You too should have a 2-tier strategy. This will allow you to work@ speed of life and without fear to your plan-A. Yes, on your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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