Does our outer environment affect us?

Does our outer environment affect us?

Today, I went to the FGIET ground for jogging in the evening. There were many guys who were playing and jogging there.
It was an electric moment. Something miraculous happened. I too started jogging and could experience tremendous energy in me. Even after covering 2 rounds of the ground, I still felt like going for more. I couldn’t resist jogging.

That’s the power of external environment.


Outer environment is contagious.

>Internal environment.
If you haven’t tried to achieve self-mastery then you don’t have a strong internal environment and you may get swayed by “what others are doing”.

>What others are doing.
What others are doing is the representation of the external environment. If they are enjoying- you too will feel like enjoying as you are governed by your outer environment.

To be brutally honest to control of your inner-environment is extremely difficult. That’s why we find very few people who are “self-motivated”.
So, the majority is affected by the external environment.

So, the lesson here is to be in an ecosystem of great people. With time you too shall adopt good habits and eventually it will help you to achieve “whatever you want in life”.

Work on your internal environment as well. It shall help you in becoming stoic and to remain at peace in amidst most chaotic circumstances.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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