Can we work like machines?

Can we work like machines?

In a single word- YES! For explanation keep reading.
We just require 3 things to function at our peak-level:
1. Adequate sleep.
2. Proper food.
3. Happiness.


Yes, being workaholic is possible.

We perform at the best possible level when we are happy (it includes being contented and satisfied with what you have- carrying a feeling of gratitude). For being happy you just need adequate sleep and proper food. If you add “good work” to it, it enhances by manifold.
That is, your happiness gets multiplied if you do what you think is “good-work”.

>How to work like machines?
Once physical, psychological and emotional requirements of yours are met you can work like a machine.
If all your requirements- care, affection, love etc. are facilitated to you- it all works like a fertilizer to you. You are just like a seed. You will sprout & grow best when the “best possible factors that trigger your growth” are provided to you.

So, you have to live in the best possible environment if you wish to work like a machine.
In fact, you can enjoy your work too.
Did you ever found it difficult or boring to work on something with your family members?
Probably not!
So, what if you are surrounded with great people?
You can work like a zombie and still enjoy it.

That’s the secret of being workaholic.
Another way is to find meaning in your work. As when you start appreciating your work and begin to value it- you feel like doing it more.
So, no matter what you do- think about it in terms of how many lives are affected through it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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