Why you must opt for self-publishing?

Why you must opt for self-publishing?

If you are in learning phase & new to writing industry then you must go for self-publishing.
We all love our creations. But in reality you may not be writing as per the requirements (market demand) & expectations (market demand exists but you lack requisite creativity & skills) from the readers’ community.


Getting Published.

>Hone you skills.
Getting published through traditional channels is a daunting task as they will analyze your manuscript & will check for its market feasibility. It may take as long as 2 years for your book to finally come out in the market. (You might get rejected several times. Look at most successful authors, they were rejected multiple times!!).
You cannot opt for vanity publishers (for them only monetary benefits matters.) Vanity publishing is just like a well that never gets quenched in terms of money.
So, just keep honing your writing skills. Self-publishing is an option always open to you.

Through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) you can self-publish your e-book. There are no charges involved. It provides 70% royalty (if you choose so). Once the manuscript is ready it takes just 24-48 hours to appear on bookshelf of amazon.
For digital editions you don’t require it to get copyrighted (i.e. you can get it later on). So, you save as much as Rs 5, 000. Once your book is on Amazon & sales start coming in you can get it copyright protected. Else, there is no need for that. You must right another book (this helps you to understand the market).
Moreover, the royalty are paid in your bank account (you can sleep & rest peacefully).

E-book creation is easy. You can create one using canva.com (which I’m using presently). It will just cost you few dollars (you can design book-cover as well).
Write small e-books & get them self-published through KDP. You can hire professional freelancer editor to edit you work if your book performs well at Amazon store. Publish it as a second edition. You can go for co-authoring as well for 2nd edition.

This is the vital step. For that you can build your own audience through fb pages, blogs, Instagram, Quora, Twitter & other social networking sites. Building such platforms demands efforts & your time. Still, once you have built an audience following your task ahead (after getting published) becomes much easier.

Self-publishing is a herculean task. You will have to multi-task at times. But the learning’s @self-publishing will help you in most online ventures you step into. So, it’s a win-win situation if you are entrepreneur by heart.

Writing Industry is highly competitive. So, being prepared saves you from bleeding after you get published.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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