To what “one thing” you must get back to?

To what “one-thing” you must get back to?

Life is uncertain. The plans we make & the way we expect situations to flourish & make way for our dreams- doesn’t happen as per our wish. There shall be mishaps and setbacks. No one incorporates them in the plan. You will go off the track many times in life. It will be hard to get back on track. Damn Hard!


Get back to..

>Your Dreams.
Dreams are long-term goals. Sometimes, life will put you at a disadvantaged place. You will have to postpone your dreams. There is NOTHING WRONG with delaying your dreams. What is painful is settling down.

>Settling down.
Most folks when offered a choice between “Dreams” & “Something lesser”. They go for something lesser. I’m not against taking up “Something lesser” but settling with it.
“Something lesser” must be your short-term goal & not the long-term goal.

So, even if you are going with “something lesser” don’t stick to it in the long-term. Commit yourself to get back to your dreams. May be after 6 months, a year or couple of years but do get on the road to your dreams.

The only difference is that when you settle with “something lesser” you choose an easy path & miss out adventures and “what was possible for you”.
Dreams are priceless!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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