I’m not ashamed of failures.

I’m not ashamed of failures.

I strongly believe that “what one thing we have in common” is FAILURES. So, why be ashamed of it?

>”Untold” failures
Some failures remain untold and unexpressed. Only few people express failures in public. This is the reason why often we come across “success stories” trending over social media.
We all have a complex life. We all achieve success in the eyes of society. To be really successful in real-life involves a balance between your work-life, health, relationships & spirituality.
It is a herculean task to manage well all the aspects of your life.


Failure is one thing that is common between us.

>Get close to “successful people”.
They will tell you “I have all the wealth of the world still …….. is missing”.

……. could be health, great relationships, happiness, work-life balance, etc.

So, they too have failed in one or more aspects of life.
Some might have failed to enjoy life owing to “working too much-hard”. Some would long for care & affection (relationships) & others might be struggling to have peace and happiness in their life.
What we forget is that “financial success” is not the sole basis for success in life. Unfortunately, we as a society give too much importance to “money”.

What you can do with more money?
You can buy a big car & a mansion. What that costs you? To maintain the same lifestyle you will have to work-harder (I mean as hard as 14-15 hours each day). Thus, you shall miss to savor your life.
You can buy a big T.V. set. But do you have time to enjoy few movies?
You can throw parties at big restaurants. But you will be nostalgic to have a “hand-made food”.

I have failed couple of times. You too have your own share.

Remember, people are not “as successful” as they believe themselves to be. So, never be ashamed of your failures. They are just the stepping stone to success.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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