Why I’m proud of my failures?

Why I’m proud of my failures?

It may sound being narcissist. But I embrace my successes as well as my failures.


It's about CREATION.

>Being “Me”.
Everyone likes his or her creation. With our efforts, planning & hard-work we are constantly producing results.
Sometimes due to a bad strategy, or may be the timing is not right & due to various other external factors we fail. What one neglects largely is that even failures are our creation.
If we procreate a progeny that is born with flaws and don’t fit well with the preconceptions of the society won’t we be happy our own creation?
We would be.
In fact, in the same manner failures are also seen in bad light by the society. Still, I would be joyful to be part of failure because it was my creation.

>I’m the same.
When you succeed in life, many people will come to you to pat your back and shall congratulate for your success. When you fail, you will find none. What changes when you succeed or fail is that others start to perceive you in a different light.
Irrespective of whether I succeed or fail, I remain same as a person.
So, it would be unjustified to be “happy or unhappy” by how others see you.
That’s the timeless wisdom to stay happy at ALL TIMES.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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