Why you must consider yourself as dead?

Why you must consider yourself as dead?

If you will look closely at your life you may accept that you play an important role in your family, society, nation & at large to whole of the world.
Yes, it is true. People are attached to you. And in turn you also feel obliged to them. Still, “systems will remain & will continue to flourish even if you are gone”.


It will set you free.

If you are dead, you are only a bystander. In reality “you can only control yourself”. You can never change people. So, stay calm.

>You can take risk.
Is there anything risky if you were dead? Play at an exceptional level. You are already dead. Nothing worse can happen to you if re-birth is not taken into account.

>You are free from bondages.
You are free. You are at a freedom to choose good people into your life. Also you can remain unbiased as what could anyone offer to you? Nothing is worthy for a dead man.

>”Chaar Log Kya Bolenge”.
This is the most frightening thing for majority. They always try to “fit themselves into the societal structure” instead of being themselves. You are dead. So, neither what people say to you or say at your back matters.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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