Give attention to your life.

Give attention to your life.

Most things in life don’t need your attention. So, be very conscious about on what “you give your attention to”. Bad people, idiotic conversations, unproductive activities- they all don’t need your responsiveness. Take charge of “what you respond to”. Resist your temptation to react to “everything that seeks your attention”.


Only few things need attention in life.

Don’t spend time with people who aren’t “obliged” to stay with you. Time is the most vital currency. Yes, regard it as a currency. In fact, be very conscious about how you spend it. Relationships demand “time” to build mutual trust & respect. So, be very careful about “whom you decide to live with”. They must be outstanding people.

Dreams cannot be realized in a single day. It’s a long journey. So, stay positive and keep on grinding. Your dreams need attention. They need constant efforts. Wake up each day and let no single day path without “your efforts in the direction of your dreams”.

-Maza Aana Chahiye.
Your each day must be adventurous. It shouldn’t be stale and monotonous. Add “fun” to your life. Long life without fun & excitement isn’t worth living. So, enjoy and live to the fullest.

Keep yourself brim with motivation to wake up each day “to do something”. Drop all things that aren’t worthy- bad people, bad habits & unused materialistic possessions.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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