What is meant by “We all are like kites”.

What it meant by “We all are like kites”.

We all are kites. If you wish to lead a happy & successful like never forget that.


We all are like kites.

>From where you come.
Most people after becoming successful “abandon their old relationships” unaware of the fact that when they shall fall it will be only those people who pushed you upwards shall come to help you again.
It is extremely important that “you don’t adopt a careless attitude” after success.
Some after success, begin to act “as they were never into poverty or unsuccessful”.
You are like kite and the string is your “background”, if you completely ignore that you will soon get into trouble.
Another interpretation which is better is that you are kite the string is humanity. No matter how high you may fly if the string is cut you shall fall on the ground. So, never be “showy” in your life. Keep it simple yet expressive.

>String is fundamental.
You cannot obtain sustained success if you breach any of the fundamental law of Nature. So, stay grounded and be humble. We all shall reach our destination- graveyard sooner or later. So, why “this show-off” & I’m BIG sort of attitude?
Foster better attitude in life and life it peacefully and with dignity.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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