Don’t feel bad even to do odd-jobs.

Don’t feel bad even to do odd-jobs.

With my conversation with folks struggling in private sector jobs and doing odd jobs often underpaid, I realized that one shouldn’t feel bad about that.


No Job is Minuscule.

>Nasib Ki Rotiyaan Toh Kutte Bhi Tod Lete Hain

Often the ones who let down people are those born into middle-class or higher-class and the elitist class. Clearly, demeaning someone is a shameful act. As I write this I recall, “Nasib Ki Rotiyaan Toh Kutte Bhi Tod Lete Hain”. So, don’t take on heart “what so called learned people say”.

>Get skilled.
Engage yourself massively in sharpening your skills. It will help you to scale up at a lightning speed.

Read a lot and not only acquaint yourself but strive to become an expert in your field.

Don’t look or thing “how easy the life of others is”. It only creates complexities in your life. Focus exclusively on your life. And work-hard. It shall bring dramatic changes to your life.

> Your dreams are possible!
No matter what your current situations might be. If you truly devote yourself on improving your knowledge, skills & communication skills- in next 4-5 years you will be highly successful.

>Bad attitude.
No job is minuscule. Look your current position in a different light. Only ignorant people look down at others.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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