Chit-chat with “Born of A Million Thoughts”.

Today’s blog post is special & we at interacted with the Team of
Here’s a chit-chat session with Simran Keshwani, Head coordinator, BOMT.


Born of a Million Thoughts

1. Tell us how “Unflinching Courage” is going to empower those voices that remain mute to their victimizations’ owing to lack of societal support?


Unflinching Courage

It is a series of Webisodes we’re producing (later released and screened as a Documentary) that aims at highlighting acts of gargantuan courage and bravery, from amongst the
simplest of lives.
When we started researching upon poverty issues, Google’s search topics came out to be “Poverty leading to crime”, “Poverty leading to terrorism”, “Poverty leading to terrorism”.
Let’s not bring or insert any poverty definitions here as we all are aware of them. The crux here is to understand an
apparent, yet complex relationship between poverty and mental illness. Yes, mental illness. We are aware how
poverty deteriorates heath and malfunctions the people inside and out. More casualties are reported on the inside, and it is this area that people readily dismiss, since it is not met with the naked eye.
The idea is twofold :-
to understand the broader context as to how people who are unprivileged and of the low-economic backgrounds are
suffering in terms of mental health. People who are economically backward face serious issues of mental stigma and face many challenges and gaps in their lives.
They have not only inadequate income support or health care but they are alienated from the society. The exclusion from the society leads them with social isolation, depression and mental disabilities. They are both witness and victims of the violence and trauma.
And understanding how the doubly poor, the woman, is treated when effaced with mental issues.

2. There is surely a need to sensitize the masses about struggles & constant battle we all go through in our day-to-day life? How shall you accomplish the above goal?

Evidence indicates that depression is more prevalent i.e. 1.5 to 2 times among the low-income groups of the population.
It is apparent that the relation between poverty and mental disability is cyclical. Economically backward people are
more vulnerable to stressors leading to mental disability.
Yes there are supportive groups and networks trying to help out these people but are they actually functional and
prudent? Do people who are deprived of mental stability, basic human rights are able to achieve what they expect?
The answer lamentably remains NO. The situation is worsening and the negative cycle between poverty and
mental ill-health continues to perpetuate.
Let’s put here a global data which shows that only 2% of the national health budget is dedicated to mental health. Cheap and effective mental treatment do exists but they fail to treat
majority of the mentally-disturbed people. Mental health is not only a burden in itself but it is morbid with other issues infectious health issues. Mental Health needs to be addressed and people need to be cognizant about its implication and how it spills over into society, taking face of stress, frustration thereby leading to increased
rates of crime, homicide and violence.
Our aim is to target those underprivileged and low sections of society suffering from mental illness and helping in promotion of development programs to bring them out of this.

3. Can we expect in near future stories from people going through chronic depression & severe mental illnesses like bipolar on this platform?

Born Of a Million Thoughts was born with a simple idea : to express. Many a times, all of us have unsaid and unfinished stories and they die a silent death. This is exactly what we are trying to combat. Taking our endeavour to the next step, we came up with the idea of doing better for the society at large. Thus, our ambitious project titled Unflinching Courage was initiated. It is a documentary we’re producing that aims at highlighting the struggle and plight of the mentally ill among the underprivileged lot and to do away with the elitist stereotype mental illness carries. Some people are so poor, that forget treatment, they can not even afford proper diagnosis. Yet, these heroes continue to face life with a smile, in a diurnal struggle. We don’t just stop at creating awareness. We’ve partnered with more than 20 companies across 4 cities to help us reach a Lot of audience and have engaged a team of lawyers, psychologists to help these people out.

4. Documentaries do raise the concern of common people & leave a deep impact on itsviewers. What preparations have “Born of A Million Thoughts” have made to change the world and propagate the message of hope & indomitable spirit across the globe?

In Webisode  3 we address victims of Rape. Some of whom, have been crushed under the whims and fancies of Babus & are still unable to find apt platforms to raise their concern. The NGO we are covering deals in providing these women with basic knowledge in law so that they can file their own
cases & fight them.
Apart from this, Our Fashion Department has decided to feature them as models in an OOTD feature. A simple act of clothing yourself when your dignity has been stripped off
has a much larger imperative than what comes to the eye.
Here’s our little gesture, to applaud this bravado act.
Covered Area – Dehradun

5. Your mission to reach out to 5 lakh people is really commendable. Audience is super-charged and is anxious to watch the documentary. What message would you like to give
to them?

There is one thing the Gods envy us for : our unending
Courage & Unbreakable human spirit.
If you are in pain, know that you are not alone. We want to reach out to you, and we’re here for you.

More@ BOMT

Aim : BOMT aims to reach an audience of 5 lakhs from Delhi, Mumbai,
Dubai and Kuwait
-To provide Legal Support
-To provide Medical Support

● The Medicians – To provide free medicines for the people we’ve featured.

Miss Pincy (5 years old) is one such example.


Miss Pincy


Half of her brain has become defunct



● Safi Airlines Group – To organise screenings in Dubai
● The Education Tree (will help spread the word on Facebook)
● Campus Drift (DU Based Monthly Newspaper)
● DU Radio
● DUExpress (Social Media Marketing)
● A team of 10 bloggers engaged to post on their respective blogs & pages
● Seminars & Screenings at DU colleges
● Applying at Documentary Festivals
● Kibo- Mumbai Based Start-Up to organise a campaign for Offline Marketing in Mumbai
● Short Attendance – Mumbai Based Start Up to blog about it
+ Cover Stories in Mumbai.
● Asmat : Delhi Based NGO to market on their end.
● Kilkari : Delhi Based social work enterprise to market on their end through social media platforms. They’re helping us for cases that can get legal aid.
● Kesariya Films : Producer
● infinity sheesha productions :
● Aapkatimes : Social Media Publicity
● FanZoop : Social Media Marketing

We at wish “Born of a Million Thoughts” good luck for their future endeavors.

You can get in touch with BOMT through

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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