What your parents think?

What your parents think?

Have you ever wondered what your parents think when they read “success stories” in newspaper?
What they think when they come across “XYZ secured 1st rank in IIT-JEE”, “XYZ bagged 1st rank in civil services”, “XYZ from ….place…got…1st rank in CAT”, “XYZ bagged a placement offer of 1 Cr”, “XYZ became the first person to….?”
They think “Beta/Beti Toh Humare Bhi Hain…..”


Beta/Beti Toh Humare Bhi Hain..

We too have son & daughter. Will there be a day when they will excel in some examination or in real-life and we will read their success story in the newspaper?
Remember, in most cases “you are second chance of your parents”. May be they couldn’t realize their dreams and settled for something less than that. Call it destiny, Karma, circumstances, responsibility or anything else but they expect a lot from you.

>You are 2nd chance.
They are trying to live their dreams by seeing you successful and prosperous in life. You are their 2nd chance. So, work-hard & let their dreams be fulfilled.

>Become more responsible.
You are not alone. You have to fulfill the aspirations of your family as well. Lots of sacrifices have been made to give you the best possible education and environment. Now, it’s your turn to pay-back for the sacrifices your parents made for you.
Let them free from “Beta/Beti Toh Hamare Bhi Hai Par….”

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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