Why you shouldn’t aim for being an IAS?

Why you shouldn’t aim for being an IAS?

It is not only one of the toughest examinations in the world but also demands serious preparation efforts.


IAS? Think again.

-Your youthful years.
If you are hedonist and believe in enjoying life to the fullest then cracking an IAS examination could be a herculean task for you. You will need to work-hard relentlessly for at least 2 years to crack the exam. Some don’t aim for IAS because in their prime age (21-24) they wish to enjoy life. Remember, you won’t get these youthful years back.

-Misjudgment of hard-work you can put.
The civil services require serious preparation efforts which are not possible without hard-work and determination. If you are from an engineering background then you understand the difference between the level of hard-work required to crack IIT’s, NIT’s and State Engineering Entrances. There is huge difference in the amount of competition each attracts.
IAS being the most coveted jobs in the country entice the most competitive and hard-working people across the nation to appear for it.
So, decide as per your capabilities (all are capable to crack the examination but are all willing to make requisite sacrifices?)

-Element of Luck.
The examination has an element of luck. It adds uncertainty in your results despite your best efforts.
-The way ahead
It is extremely important to fetch a govt. job after the preparation. You can carry on your preparation side by side with the job. Else it becomes extremely difficult and frustrating to put heart and soul into your preparation without a job.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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